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The time of a supply-driven market with the certainty of large revenues from sales of land are over. Now that this security has...

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Publication Public Space Acupuncture.

The bicycle bridge between Cuijk and Mook is situated on a special landscape transition. On the northern side of the river Meuse, the village of Mook lies on the edge of the moraine of the Rijk van Nijmegen.

An enclosed vista with a fine network of lanes and roads and imperial planting. On the south side of the Meuse lies the young clay landscape of Cuijk. A large-scale open agricultural view only intersected by the great ribbon development, the overflow ditch and the more recent rail. The river Meuse intersects that asymmetrical landscape context. This river, with its sequence of dike, floodplain, river with trees marking the riverbanks, floodplain and come again dike, has a symmetrical draft.

All facets of the join project reflect this special view. The choice of a congruent set-up for the design of the bridge strengthens the sameness of the river.

The late-model bicycle bridge joins the shape of the existing bridge and contrasts sharply with the bent trees on the banks of the Meuse.


Marco Broekman is an architect and urban designer. Marco Broekman has over 17 years of experience with projects in the fields of urban design, form research, architecture and vista architecture at home and abroad. Since , Marco has old hat a part-time researcher with the Coming Urban Regions research classify set up by the Academies of Architecture, which is investigating healthy urbanisation and lines of study research.

He appears regularly as a visiting critic, has written articles against various periodicals, and lectures frequently at home and abroad. Marco Broekman laboured architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology and registered as an urban inventor with the Dutch Architects Registration Subdivision in Marco worked as an urban intriguer and predict manager at Kaap3, collaborating with Riek Bakker on major urban strategies.


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Urban dating karres en brands landscape

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There will be between and 1, pedestrians and cyclists using the new connection between East and West per day. Waterways and ponds are important elements that contribute to the spatial experience within the estate. The new building is a first step towards a city campus adjacent to the Amsterdam Southeast Centre.

Minimal interventions at strategic points make the area ideal for use by both small numbers of visitors and large masses during the annual Viking Events. The park is divided into two zones, which together cover the full spectrum of activities, from relaxation to sports. By creating recognisable locations and providing distance markers for athletes, an active route is formed along the banks.

Christiansholm is one of the last untouched harbour islands.

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Quite blended into its surroundings, you'll happen it on the corner of Brunswick and Kerr streets, but more commonly than not you disposition be skilled to pick it at fault from the weighty congregate seated outside.

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