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Westcott is reproduced from Dr. Hackett … Volume IV Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Co.

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In the study of liturgical books, one of the most useful tools close by to the scholar is the concordance.

When prearrangementing with a large total of text, the concordance, no matter what its style, acts as a sort of blueprint to the composition and design of the text underneath examination. At its best basic level a well-behaved concordance, with its associated indices, gives the pedagogue an overview of what he is dealing with. At the highest frank, the concordance serves as an indispensable tool, enabling the scholar to case the text from plentiful different approaches, in ways that otherwise would not be possible.

A concordance is a list of words that occur in a given body of text corpus. It is thus a type of index, but instead of just showing an precedent of a phrase or word and then indicating its general position in the text, a concordance finds every single incidence of a word in a corpus and shows its exact position within the text together with some sort of contextual information.

Concordances are not only about words or phrases taken in isolation. They also treat the relationships between words and phrases and can advise with the study of syntactic structures.

B.F. Westcott on the Old Latin and Vulgate

The common statement that the Clementine edition follows the revision of Alcuin, while the Sixtine gives the true text of Jerome, is apparently a mere conjectural assertion. These interpolations, unless his description is very much exaggerated, must have been far more numerous than are found in existing copies; but examples still occur which show the important service which he rendered to the Church by checking the perpetuation of apocryphal glosses: Take of seed of flex the seed of the herb called fleseed, the roots of violets, the roots of parsley, and make a fumigation according to the use as you shall be taught in this book, and you shall through the grace and help of almighty God have your desire.

Exhaustive concordances are usually developed for biblical texts, where all words such as articles and conjunctions are included. Domine sacramenta custodiant et contra diabolicos semper tueantur incursus. The names of the angels of the tenth month, which is called Tevet , are these:

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