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The Unbreak My Heart singer proved that she is still capable of shocking with her fashion choices by rocking a naked dress that would even intimidate Rihanna. The...

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Switch off Spott Mode. Toni Braxton vs Mariah Carey. Click on the picture and add URL of the product you've spotted. Toni braxton, Ebony beauty and Female singers. Toni brought her sons to the event [SPLASH] The flimsy excuse for a skirt looked like an explosion occurred on the loom, leaving a tangle of thread around Miss Braxton's crotch. The Unbreak My Heart singer proved that she is still capable of shocking with her fashion choices by rocking a naked dress that would even intimidate Rihanna.

Now, we have to hand it to Toni for rocking body confidence, but we have to admit that we're cringing a bit for her two sons, who posed with their near-naked parent on the red carpet.

+ photos Toni Braxton turns up the heat with sexy style | Spott

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Sexy pictures of toni braxton
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Send us the link to the item and: Toni braxton, Celebrities and Music. Most outrageous Grammys moments ever Did you forget your pants? Enter your name not required. Click on the picture and add URL of the product you've spotted. Help your fellow fans find inspiration by their favorite celebrities Show your fashion expertise Get surprises from Spott.

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Did you recognize those awesome pants or the flashy sunglasses worn by your favorite celebrity? Toni braxton, Celebrity and Girl crushes. Please make sure you click on the product and enter a valid url. Most outrageous Grammys moments ever Did you forget your pants? The singer's two boys Denim and Diezel styled out dapper suits as they stood either side of their famous mum, most likely avoiding looking at her at all costs. While Toni's latest red carpet adventure involved leaving her undies at home, she managed not to flash her booty — a step up from her infamous Grammys dress, so well done… we guess.

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Sexy pictures of toni braxton

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