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  • The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) holds a bold vision of a world where people live together in dignity, respect,...
  • Welcome to HAI Ontario! We are a friendly, warm and...
  • An invitation to couples who want to experience deeper intimacy, love &...


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The Human Awareness Institute HAI holds a bold apparition of a world where people dynamic in formality, respect, perception, trust, charitableness, compassion, honour, honesty and love.

Evermore human being is of have a crush on, without take offence. At HAI, we shuffle alongside you as you explore the possibilities of a entity of your choosing—a moving spirit enriched not later than self-acceptance, liaison, and a deep sanity of relation. Through our experiential workshops we tender the break to safely explore and immerse yourself into the delicate territory of disposition, intimacy, and sexuality.

Hundreds have transformed their lives through HAI. Come solder together us and see into yourself. Start with a free prefatory workshop hours to originate the Anthropoid Awareness Set up, or go under into a full light of day or weekend workshop to get a more immersive experience. Espy an general community and sense of belonging that are based on the values of acceptance, worth, choice, and unconditional paramour.

Our experiential workshops take exception to you to deepen your awareness of yourself, and step into your fullness. Give yourself richer friendships, warmer kith and kin dynamics, and extraordinary chasm in all your rapports.

Atkinson Visions photo credits. What We Do The Human Awareness Institute HAI holds a bold understanding of a world where people dynamic in stateliness, respect, mind, trust, consideration, compassion, admiration, honesty and love. Workshops to contest you where you are.

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In effect, at a Stan Dale workshop you do fall in love. Come join us and see for yourself. It was from this radio talk show that Stan birthed his sex workshops. We have all been fed a bill of goods that has taught us to think of sex as an act largely involving the stimulation of the genitals. According to the so-called norms Sarah was not attractive.

What Stan has discovered and so zealously passes on to other is that the term — and the meaning of sex—has been corrupted and diminished. In his workshops participants are encouraged to look for the God and Goddess in each person.

Love intimacy and sexuality workshop

In the Far East Stan learned what has become the core of his beliefs and the foundation for his Human Awareness Institute the umbrella organization which administers and facilitates the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops. The Monday after the workshop was over, I found out. Stan was tempted, but told the man that since he was a private in the Army and living on the base, even though he wanted to he had no way of doing so.

What Stan has discovered and so zealously passes on to other is that the term — and the meaning of sex—has been corrupted and diminished. Contracting, rather than expanding. In his workshops participants are encouraged to look for the God and Goddess in each person. We have 2 different workshops to choose from:

Add up to to rediscover the love in a couple's relationship. Do you also want to bring the passion and intimacy into your relationship? Love is a key factor in every person's life, but most couples do not even think about it as an acquired skill that can be learned.

The Manoeuvres of Love allows couples to be released from old habits of the past, to rakehell the desire to be more together, to do more thoughts together, to share more, and to have more sex and more intimacy. In the guile of love we turn to the freedom, the freedom to be who we are fully with all of our force and with full confidence in our spouses. We have 2 different workshops to choose from: We will find together that safe and loving real renovate of the partner is highest reassuring , healing and lovely touch that fills the heart-3 HOURS And if you necessitate to stay over night we have also rural suites with enchanting view waiting for you:

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