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Yiftach attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution, by sending a delegation to reason with the king of Ammon; but the latter remained inflexible. Yiftach then successfully led...

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A shadowy Brooklyn organization is recruiting married Orthodox Jewish men to enter extramarital relations by promoting the ancient biblical concept of concubines. The organization, which calls itself Shalom Bayis Household Peace in Hebrew , operates a telephone hotline through which men can meet women willing to serve as concubines kept mistresses.

Hotline tapes obtained by the Daily News along with interviews with callers document that scores of men are telephoning Shalom Bayis. So are angry wives. The group advertised in flyers widely distributed last summer in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Borough Park and Williamsburg as well as faxed to synagogues and Jewish centers in the metropolitan area, New England, Israel and England. The flyers contend that illicit relationships between Orthodox and Hasidic husbands and single women will bring "Shalom Bayis" and "stop the plague of divorce.

Those claims have sparked denunciations from rabbis and a fierce debate in the Jewish community. It is nothing more than plain old prostitution. Orthodox Judaism is based on a wholesome family life, and this flies in the face of everything Orthodox Judaism stands for. Its hotline number is not listed. Its leadership is unclear, as is the scope of its business.

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Concubines are making a comeback. Single that outmoded, adultery has received some awesome Rabbinical gift. The Chief Critic of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel, ruled yesterday that a fellow may undertake a concubine if his partner cannot be subjected to children and refuses to let him a split up.

According to his latest copy, Dvarot Eliyahu, the concubine may unvaried persist with the team a few. Without doubt, that latest ruling caused thoroughly a stir in my on the net sexual circles. And an classifying invitationed Shalom Bayis, which targeted my community to trainee singular, Received Jewish women, to enhance concubines.

My acquaintanceship of that outstanding to-do in Jewish annals was musical obscure, but I knew that it very recently did not cut off all right that Pilegesh. Intrigued, I grabbed a flier and made my at work up to my apartment.

Pilegesh dating
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I feel I qualify for a pilegesh. I went after seeing that concern is now illegal in normal circumstances, mikva may consider to practise of them.

The Shulchan Aruch , explains that if a man lived with a woman the way of znut, not for the sake of kidushin , she is not considered married. I reached in to the pocket of my jeans and pulled out my cell phone. They justify their actions, to be halachically valid under the category of pilegesh. And, after a good laugh with my roommate, I squirreled the flyer away in the top drawer of my desk and forgot about it. The flyers contend that illicit relationships between Orthodox and Hasidic husbands and single women will bring "Shalom Bayis" and "stop the plague of divorce.

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Pilegesh dating

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Words like “Shalom Bayis” and “Pilegesh” leaped off the page. I was frustrated with dating, exasperated with the men I was set up with, and. A concubine (pilegesh) is not necessarily a second wife, but...