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Recently added searchable pdf version of the Dictionary of NZ Biography. Please email info nzhistory.

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If you are beginning to search for ancestors who lived north of Hadrian's wall - whether Lowland, Highland, or the Islands - this page is for you.

This is a mine of information for anyone researching Scottish relatives arriving off boats in the nineteenth century. Based on personal testimonies incorporating letters, shipboard journals, memoirs, and interviews , official immigration files, parliamentary debates, nominated immigration records, maritime ephemera, ethnic presses, society records, lunatic asylum casebooks, family histories, poetry and novels, and film and documentary.

Scottish genealogy, by Bruce Durie. This steps the user through the main uptodate sources including the Census online to , old parish registers and statutory records, local records, wills and testaments, sasines and other land documents as well as current topics such as DNA testing. A great uptodate starting point focusing specifically on Scotland.

Collins tracing your Scottish family history, by Anthony Adolph. Pitched more at a beginner's level. The text is packed with weblinks to enable you to search the great number of records now available online, as well as providing contact information on other sources, such as archives and libraries.

As we transition to our new site, you'll still find some Stats NZ information here on this archive site.

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There have been thirty-three censuses since In besides to providing detailed what's what about national demographics Act, the results of the census play an smash part in the prudence of resource allocation to local service providers. The census took place on Tuesday, 6 March The next census is expected in March Since , the census has always been held on a Tuesday. Until , census forms were hand-delivered by census workers during the lead-in to the census, with chestnut form per person and a special form with questions about the homestead.

In addition, teams of census workers attempt to cover all hospitals, bivouac grounds, workplaces and transmit systems where people authority be found at midnight. In , the prepare was different. The mass of households received an access code in the post and were encouraged to complete their census online.

New zealand census 1881 online dating

Going abroad, by John MacGibbon. In , the process was different. Published Volume 5. A passing understanding of it may help unravel some old handwriting or inventive spellings in documents! This is a mine of information for anyone researching Scottish relatives arriving off boats in the nineteenth century.

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New zealand census 1881 online dating

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Statistics New Zealand has digitised Census of population and Results, Census You can also access digitised historical materials and discover some important dates in New Zealand's census-taking history....