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The Cooper Union originally offered free courses to its admitted students, and when a 4-year undergraduate program was established in , the school granted each admitted student a full-tuition scholarship....

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  • The Great Hall can be rented for events. For inquiries about renting The Great Hall contact Christine Sarkissian, manager,...
  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in , The Cooper Union for the Advancement...
  • The Cooper Union has two main auditoriums and multiple gallery spaces.
  • The Great Hall of The Cooper Union has stood for more than...
  • The Great Hall | The Cooper Union
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In addition, students may instead opt to receive a Certificate of Fine Arts degree, which can be completed in two years of study. The chemical engineering curriculum and program structure is designed to provide students with thorough knowledge of energy and material balances , thermodynamics , and the physical and reactive characteristics of chemical structures, in order to facilitate creative design and analysis of chemical and nuclear systems.

Mike Essl [] served in an interim capacity for , after which he became the current dean. The computer engineering track is designed to develop skills in computer architecture , systems programming , data communication networks, and artificial intelligence. Beginning late in each fall semester and carrying through the spring, gallery spaces in both the Foundation Building and 41 Cooper Square showcase work by graduating seniors in The School of Art, with additional exhibitions of exchange student work, class projects and work by fellowship recipients.

The Cooper Union was founded in [23] by American industrialist Peter Cooper , who was a prolific inventor, successful entrepreneur, and one of the richest businessmen in the United States.

The building—today a New York City landmark—quickly became a common meeting place for intellectuals, inventors, tinkerers, and people from across the social strata. At the time of its erection, the Foundation Building was one of the tallest in lower Manhattan. It boasted such novel features like a cylindrical shaft between floors for the transport of goods by pullies—with which Peter Cooper foresaw the forthcoming invention of the elevator. Perhaps its greatest feature however was the Great Hall.

The Great Hall of The Cooper Union has stood for more than a century as a bastion of free speech and a witness to the flow of American history and ideas. When the hall opened in , more than a year in advance of the completion of the institution, it quickly became a destination for all interested in serious discussion and debate of the vital issues of the day. To the Great Hall's lectern has become a pageant of famous Americans — rebels and reformers, poets and presidents.

Besides Woodrow Wilson, two other incumbent presidents have spoken in the Great Hall: William Jefferson Clinton, who, on May 12, , delivered a major economic address on reducing the federal deficit and Barack Obama, who, on April 22, , gave an important speech on economic regulation and the financial markets. During the past century's times of tremendous upheaval, it was through meetings in Cooper's famous auditorium that the politics and legislation necessary to build a humane city took shape.

Click here to see upcoming public events at the Great Hall.

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Cooper union great hall

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The Great Hall at Cooper Union was made famous in when Abraham Lincoln gave a historic address regarding the end of slavery. On...