Cat string theory dating sim - Cat String Theory Explained: Make Women Chase You!

A foundational theme in MM that illustrates how people value things more when they work for them and devalue things when they come...

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But as soon as you drop the string, the pussy just stares cow eyed and wanders crazy. This can be a great tool for seduction. Is it manipulative and button pushing? All the sudden you are unavailable. Now she has to work for you. Today she gets to track. Chicks love this being beta men rarely take standards.

Beta men almost never dismiss hot women or challenge them or make the grade them.

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Cat string theory dating sim

Just click the link. ORG - we actively monitor for copyright theft. Making yourself unavailable makes you attractive. Been dating a great girl for a few weeks now.

I have to say, as sad as it is a reflection on human nature, I have seen this works.

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Have you ever had a crush on someone and expressed your feelings to them and they didnt feel the same and said they only saw you as a friend.

Have you ever wanted something really badly? As for examples go through the field reports and read the stories. Comments This works exactly the same with men. Age 37 Posts

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