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Tantric Sexuality Meditation : Sacral Chakra Healing - Enhance Sexuality, Love & Desire - Hookup

Baths Nov 16, Hello, loves, how are you feeling this evening? I am sitting here, thinking about water. Water in itself is a holy liquid. Without it, no form of life can survive. Water is not only a physical cleanser, it is also a metaphysical cleanser. Ritual bathing is truly When your chakras become blocked, you often feel physically or mentally sick and out of balance.

It was a lovely six hours of sensory meditation, heart opening and chakra balancing breath, talk, lunch, touch guidance and practice. I hope you are sitting in a wonderfully comfortable place and open to receiving and reflecting the words and feelings I share with you today.

Your meetup will be wildly popular.
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  • Sat Oct 13 EDT at Ambiance Dance Studio Ecstatic Dakini Institute presents:...
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  • Embodying Your Healthy Masculine . Location: Mystery School of the Temple Arts, a private Temple & Studio in west Dearborn,...
  • Have you for ever heard in the rabbit game or squirrel method.

  • So in a nutshell, youre boosting your imperil to become involved in a higher potentiality...

If you cancel after the start date there are no refunds. I am going to attempt to answer a question that is not actually answerable in completion or by definition. Open to couples of any sexual preference and gender identity. A pen and journal are helpful but not required. Oct 18, , 10am

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