Validating your emotions make you a monster - "Your Emotions" lyrics

The film, about a young girl named Riley experiencing many changes as she enters adolescence, focuses on our internal, emotional worlds. Told from the perspective of the personified emotions...

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  • You're so boring boring boring. I've heard all this before. I've heard all this before....
  • Lyrics to "Your Emotions" song by Dead Kennedys: Your mommy told you this And your daddy told...
  • The one safe generalization that can be made about all emotions is that monster: it lurks behind...

Even though I am [ redacted ] years old, I follow a bunch of trendy Instagram humor accounts aimed at people in their 20s and teens. For those not of the Instagram and Snapchat generation, all of these words or phrases basically translate to: Grainne Kirwan, a cyberpsychologist, who said: My theory is that businesses can actually achieve better results by being kinder to their customers.

That may sound like mushy psychobabble, but there are very practical ways to apply the lesson to our own work. Houston-based clinician Karyn Hall, Ph. Better to have that Neanderthal on your side than his rock between your eyes. We know that mental focus amplifies and magnifies the object of the focus; the greater the focus on pain, the more intense and more generalized it grows.

So before you tell them about your great solution, you have to show them that you understand the problem first. Back when my now-husband and I were doing premarital counseling, we were taught how to quell arguments much-needed advice for people of Italian and Greek descent about to enter into a life together. The main tip we learned:

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Emotional Validation


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Told from the perspective of the personified emotions that guide her, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, Inside Out provides parents a valuable resource into understanding the minds of their children and their own!

It works this way with our children, too. Marketers can take a page from any of these examples. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this.

Content marketing is challenging. There are other ways to act as a proxy without needing to defend customers or respond to something off-color.

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Why did he get so upset???

Makes a silly face Have you ever found yourself doing some of these things when your child feels sad? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Marketers can take a page from any of these examples. Told from the perspective of the personified emotions that guide her, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, Inside Out provides parents a valuable resource into understanding the minds of their children and their own!

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