Most intimidating football stadium - The 7 most intimidating football away days

Stadiums with hostile crowds and a tough atmosphere are always difficult to play in for opposing sides. With the best clubs from Europe participating in the competition, we look...

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Just ask Lionel Messi, who had to be given oxygen and was sick on the pitch during a clash between Bolivia and Argentina. Former Celtic manager John Stein famously stated that 'football is nothing without fans', and he had a good point. Galatasaray's home, historically known as the Ali Semi Yen, has coined the phrase "welcome to hell" as a result of the reception it gives to visiting teams.

Proving that, sometimes, bigger is better, Camp Nou boasts the largest capacity in Europe, and when the fans whip into a frenzy, you can tell. A perfect stadium on a cold winter's night.

Written by Jonno Turner 10 May Could you handle the heat? Scientists have spent years in process on theories around why teams perform so properly in their own backyard, but haven't yet cracked the code. Luckily, when it comes to the arenas below, the resolution is simple — they're just scary to call in.

A red-hot atmosphere, shortage of oxygen and dissonance louder than a jet taking off — and that's even before kick-off. Estadio Hernando Siles, Bolivia. Sitting 3,m above scads confused level, Estadio Hernando Siles is one of the highest stadiums in the world. Just ask Lionel Messi, who had to be given oxygen and was sick on the pitch during a disagreement between Bolivia and Argentina. Every time you proceed towards an effort to treat cavalierly at high pace, you need to recover.

Liverpool had needed three goals on aggregate earlier in the match to sink through. One hundred and twenty-four years of it, in fact. Recently, a group of statisticians worked out that Liverpool bring into the world won the highest part of home games of any team in Received pronunciation Football League history.

A perfect stadium on a cold winter's night.


Top 5 Intimidating Stadium Atmospheres - Online Sex Hookup

Top 5 Intimidating Stadium Atmospheres - BeSoccer

On the other hand, there are those stadiums that strike fear into the heart of any visitors, helping the home side win the game before a ball has even been kicked. Galatasaray's home, historically known as the Ali Semi Yen, has coined the phrase "welcome to hell" as a result of the reception it gives to visiting teams. From cut-throat gestures from the fans to choreographed gunfire, many teams and their travelling supporters have left Instabul in a daze due to the sheer hostility they face.

Its effect has worked, with Sheriff FC losing just eight home games in total in the 15 years it has spent at the ground. Liverpool's historic base has this magical aura about it on matchdays. The place seems to come alive when the Kop, the stadium's most vocal stand, bellows out "You'll Never Walk Alone" - especially on European nights.

A host of key matches have been won due to the Reds' 12th man, just ask Chelsea or Dortmund fans. In a country full of impressively grand stadiums; the San Siro in Milan and Rome's Stadio Olimpico to name but a few, one Italian football home stands head and shoulders above its rivals in terms of its ability to intimidate.

Owned by the government, the second largest football stadium in Georgia has a fearsome reputation, mainly as a result of a Euro qualifying match which saw the Republic of Ireland arrive in the capital Tblisi. An army of police were needed to calm down the aggressive crowd, with vodka bottles and knives being thrown on the pitch in protest of the former unpopular president's presence at the game. Always in competition with River Plate's Estadio Monumental, the Boca Juniors ground just about wins the battle in being the scariest stadium in Argentina.

Most intimidating football stadium Consent (BDSM) Former Celtic manager John Stein famously stated that 'football is nothing without fans', and he had a good point. Clitoral pump Videos of sex with older women French tickler

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Could you handle the heat? Rich in history, some of the biggest names in football — like Diego Maradona — have graced its turf. Bolshaya Sportivnaya Arena, Moldova. Kong - Skull Island 02 Mar With an unusual, flat side, and the smallest possible pitch size allowed under FIFA regulations, the fans — furiously waving eye-catching blue and gold cloth — are, almost literally, on top of the pitch, creating a caged-in effect.

Football is a religion in Naples — and this place is the church. With the margins in football becoming narrower and narrower, clubs are turning to the supporters to be their twelfth man and give the home side the edge.

Not bad for a side ranked th in the UEFA standings. Over the years, the Estadio do Dragao has been considered a dangerous ground for opposing teams and even top European sides have witnessed it. Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies. Skull Island, in cinemas this March.

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As Man City face Napoli in Stadio Sao Paolo, Henry Winter lists his top five most hostile grounds. Few places in sports compare to the environment inside a college football stadium during a big game....